Body Socks For Sensory Regulation

Body Sox are colorful bags made of a stretchy, sometimes see-through, breathable fabric – often lycra. They have a long slit on one side that makes it easy for your child to get in and out. Exploring the boundaries of the bag provides comforting deep pressure and awareness of body position for your child.

Besides the fun of exploring the boundaries of the bag, your child may also find them a comforting rest place.

Why is a Body Sock Beneficial for Kids?

This resistance is great for providing calming deep pressure input the proprioceptive and tactile  systems. This can help kids slow their bodies down and is perfect for kids who seek out that deep impact sensation found in activities like rolling, crashing, pushing, and pulling.

Using a body sock is also great for promoting spatial awareness and motor planning by giving kids proprioceptive (resistive) feedback while they move.

Some ideas for what can be done with a body sock:

  • Have your child stand inside it and push against the sides with his hands, or lay down and push with their feet.
  • Crab walk.  Or try crab walk soccer!
  • Star- Jumps
  • Yoga poses
  • Try asking the child to imitate your motor movements or sing songs when the child is inside and encourage them to make actions to the songs or dance.
  • Superman: Lying on the floor on your belly, stretch your arms up off the ground in front of you and your legs up off the ground behind you.
  • Play a “dance and freeze” game, and take pictures of the funny positions your child winds up in.
  • Use it as a calm retreat when your child is in sensory overload.
  • For a child who is hesitant to use a body sock, try hiding balls with bells or other sound making toys so they can have fun finding the toy and getting used to the feeling of the body sock.
  • Try using the body sock to prevent meltdowns during a challenging activity for a child who likes to be inside the sock.  The child can get in and keep themselves regulated while trying the challenging activity eg a card game.  This way they can stay with the game for longer so they learn and practice new skills.
  • The child can stand in the sock in front of a mirror making crazy/silly shapes for lots of proprioception. 
  • Rough and tumble play inside with a focus on communication and interaction.

Suppliers of Body Socks

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Instructions for making a body sock

  1. Buy a length of 140cm Lycra material relevant to the length of the child.
    Eg 3-4yrs  about 90cm
    4-5yrs  about 1m
    6-7yrs  about 1.2m
  2. You need to use an overlocker.
  3. Fold the material in half, right sides together, so that both edges are lined up together.  Fold it sideways, so you still have the length of material right for the child (ie put the selvages together).
  4. Sew this seam, leaving a space 30-40 cm from the middle to part-way up, which will be the way in and out of the body sock (ie sew the bottom half and stop).  Sew about half of the top section and stop.
  5. Fold the material so that your seam is now going down the middle of the front of the body sock.
  6. Overlock the bottom edge and the top edge.
  7. Turn the right way out.  Finished!  It is quick and easy, and they usually last quite well.