Handwriting Without Tears: Mat Man

Mat Man teaches children to draw, write and learn shapes and letters, whilst also developing body awareness in a multisensory way. From early learning Pre-Kinder through to handwriting and keyboarding in upper primary; Mat Man and Handwriting Without Tears programs are an effective and evidence based intervention to support children’s fine motor skills.

There are a variety of reasons why Mat Man is deemed an effective hand writing intervention:

  • Unique Pre-Writing Activities and Letter Order:As a pre-writing strategy, Mat Man is a unique way of understanding letter formation. Mat man provides letter order and pre-writing strategies that are developmentally appropriate and promotes easy learning for every letter and every student.
  • Multisensory Techniques:Mat Man is a uses a variety of sensory stimuli to teach children with an array of sensory needs. This multisensory approach addresses different learning styles and invites active participation and purposeful discovery and play. We always get the Mat Man song stuck in our heads for hours after our Mat Man sessions!
  • Developmentally Appropriate: Mat Man lessons are taught in a sequence that makes sense developmentally. There is no assumption of prior knowledge.

Man Mat activities break complex concepts into simple lessons that require minimal preparation time. Writing, math, and language domains are broken down into simple units to ensure success.

For more information on Mat Man, please visit the Learning Without Tears website: https://www.lwtears.com/