Pop Up Pirate: One of our all time favourites! 

This month’s ‘Game of the Month’, we will look at the game: Pop-Up the Pirate. This game is used to help develop a variety of skills including: Fine motor, visual motor integration and turn taking.

This game requires you to push the pirate down into the spring-loaded barrel and the kids take turns to push the plastic swords into the slots in the sides of the barrel until the pirate “pops” out.

The mechanism is set so you never know how many turns it will take before he jumps right out so the element of surprise and anticipation is always there. SO how does this game relate to occupational therapy interventions?

Fine Motor

Some children need help with fine motor skill development. This game is great for fine motor as the sword placement needs to be in placed in the slots before the pirate will pop. This requires precision and hand-eye coordination.

Taking Turns

Some children need help to take turns as a precursor to developing conversational turn-taking and for others, it is helpful to get them to increase their attention and ability to wait through game playing. Either way, Pop up Pirate is a fun way to do this as each turn is short meaning they don’t have to wait too long until it’s their turn again.

We Love Pop Up Pirate! How do you play?